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8 hr wedding, 2 hr engagement  |  digital copies + printing release  |  $2,750
Jenna Charlie Schmitz WEDDING-Jenna Char
When booking your wedding with MacLaughlin Photography, here is what you can expect...
First, I like to meet with my couples upon booking. We will review and sign the wedding contract, but mostly the meeting allows us get to know each other a bit and for me to find out the couple's expectations and make sure my photography style will be a good fit for them. We then schedule your engagement session. During the engagement session, I really get to know my couples better by getting to see how they interact with one another... what makes them feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera and brings out their most genuine smiles and laughter. 

Approximately 1 month before the wedding, I meet with my couples once more. During this meeting we will go over the timeline and details for the day as well as finalize the photo list. On the wedding day, you can relax knowing we are on the same page and everyone knows when and where they need to be for photos. 

My style when it comes to wedding photography is photojournalistic. Other than the posed group shots and the couple's photos, I'm there to capture the day however it unfolds. Rain or shine, tears and laughter... I'll document it all while being as non-intrusive as possible. I try to give my couples space to enjoy their day without feeling like they have paparazzi following them around and getting in their face all day. I prefer to blend into the background... and I've found that by doing so, I'm able to capture more genuine moments of people when they don't realize I'm even taking their picture.
To get a better idea of what I mean, browse my wedding gallery below!
Wedding Galley
Site under construction, gallery coming soon! 
View current photos on my Facebook page in the meantime.

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