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1 hour session  |  digital copies + printing release  |  $300
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Family sessions with me might look different than typical. Especially if you have little ones. I've seen many parents stress over making their little ones sit perfectly still and smile at the camera for every photo. But they are kids, and being still does not come naturally. Kids want to explore, interact and have fun. So, that's exactly what we will do (don't worry moms, I usually sneak in a few "look at the camera and smile" pictures as well). I encourage movement, snuggles and kisses, talking, playing and general interaction with one another during the session. We might go for a walk, pick flowers, splash in the water or jump in the leaves. Whatever you do, you will do as a family... and I'll be there to capture how you genuinely interact and love on one another.

Extended family sessions are also available starting at $350. Contact me for more details!
Family Gallery
Site under construction, gallery coming soon! 
View current photos on my Facebook page in the meantime.

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